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Летний беретик


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До чего же нежный!
Blissirina В ответ на Елена
Nice beginning. How is the edge done / finished?
Blissirina В ответ на Tracy
Ободок берета вяжем СБН по объему головы 2 ряда и заканчиваем 1 ряд «Рачьим шагом»
Tracy В ответ на Blissirina
Hum… your terms are different than ours. I think you are saying to make 2 rounds of stitches evenly around the entire edge of the hat, then do a round of the «Race Step». I do not know what this «Race Step» is, but I know I would need to Decrease somehow. Just use rounds of Single Crochet, decreasing evenly around till it fits? I can do that.
Blissirina В ответ на Tracy
Да так можно, равномерно уменьшать.
Вот ссылка как можно связать «Рачий шаг» www.youtube.com/watch?v=obO9jlDAWW4 Он нужен для того, чтобы закончить край
Tracy В ответ на Blissirina
Oh! OK! Thank you!
Tracy В ответ на Blissirina
P.S. Found it. Only now YouTube won't «play» for me. But I'll fix it.
Blissirina В ответ на Tracy
Удачи Вам!
Tracy В ответ на Blissirina
Well… I have had to take out «my» efforts 2 times. Now is the 3 rd. time. Why? Because 1. It had way too many stitches. I had «thought» I had to work into a certain stitch. Nope! That caused an increase every 3rd. stitch. Took it out. 2. Proper number of stitches, but 2 rows of triple stitch worked evenly around was still much too big. Took it out. 3. Did two rounds of triple stitch, while decreasing every 6th stitch. Ok. Continued doing the same for 2 more rounds. Now it is the right size for my head. Did a band, so it would stay. Looks AWFUL! Took it out. 3. Now what?
Blissirina В ответ на Tracy
Я вы не слишком резко убавляли петли?
Tracy В ответ на Blissirina
Ah… Google Translator wrote: «I didn't cut the loops too abruptly?»
I think you may have wanted to know ask: You didn't decrease too quickly, did you?
No, It was later, after «cutting the number of loops». [After decreasing the number of stitches.]
I did 2 rounds of plain, boring, triple stitches, put on the hat… and all I could see was plain boring Triple stitches. Very flat. Took it out.
I Am trying something else.
Tracy В ответ на Blissirina
Hi Blissirina, I finished the beret hat! I think it may still be a bit loose but I will add a lacing or cord so it becomes adjustable. Now if I could just figure out how to get photos from my computer to the internet. At least I have learned how to take the photos from the camera to the computer. The hat is yellow to match a dress I am working on.
Blissirina В ответ на Tracy
Поздравляю! Вы молодец! Фото, если у вас оно на компьютере, можно прикрепить, если нажать на иконку над этой записью.
Tracy В ответ на Blissirina
Thank you. The symbols you show are Not on my screen. I will try to figure this out. Facebook is refusing to let me sign in, so I am always a guest.
Нежный такой!!! Действительно летний!!!