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Интересная шаль крючком

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Интересная шаль крючком 0
Интересная шаль крючком 1

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Очень интересная шаль.
Красивая шаль! Мне очень кайма понравилась!!!
Хорошая шаль. Мне цветом подошла бы.
I love those scallops. Made my daughter a dress from a pattern with similar scallops. That edging is one a may put on a yellow dress I'm trying to make. Like daisy / sunflower shapes. Did you get a chance to make this? Thanks for including the pattern.
Lusenka В ответ на Tracy
tell me. where do you live? what do you do? who are you by profession?
Tracy В ответ на Lusenka
I live in the USA. I Crochet, make «Coloring Pages» [for fun, just myself]; Color coloring books. 3 times I have tried to «write» crochet patterns. And I do «Wood-burning». I used to be an «Architectural Drafter», but had sever back injury. Been disabled for a long, long, time.
Lusenka В ответ на Tracy
Oh, how interesting! What is your name? Show us everything. What you do. Put your photos here where you are
Tracy В ответ на Lusenka
Hi Lusenka, My name is Tracy. As mentioned a moment ago I really have difficulty posting things. Plus, even though I can crochet, I have seen very very little of the nice things I am seeing here. [Although I have made lace «napkins»] Now that I see Lace used in dresses, etc. I feel happy. Here in USA every thing in «Quick & Easy» If there are people here who do Lace and Irish Lace I have not found them. But then again I may just not know where to find them. You all have led me to YouTube things that I would never found on my own. Thank every one for me. And thank you.
Lusenka В ответ на Tracy
I'm glad that our site liked. Stay with us. make friends and everything will be fine. There are a lot of beautiful things. Be healthy.
Кайма новенькая (для меня)!!!
That edging? Pretty Daisy shape. Well done.