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BAG: White "Sedge Stitch" Clutch Style, Crochet Purse.

Well, I finally got the photos from the camera to the big computer. So, here we go!

First the Yarn: Red Heart Brand, Baby Soft label, Acrylic, with a Silver metal strand for a bit of  shine.

Hook Size: 4 mm aluminum by Boyle.

This yarn "clings" to itself and your hands. I did not enjoy working with it much, but being both a purse and a Clutch Style, I thought it best to use something easily washable. I do not recommend this yarn for baby clothes nor blankets. They would be miserable.

I used a simple stitch for which a person's name was used, so do not concern yourself if the translator comes up with something silly!

BAG: White "Sedge Stitch" Clutch Style, Crochet Purse. 0
This photo shows the edging a little bit. I was happy when I found a Button that went so nicely with the yarn! The yarn has a metallic silver thread/strand running through it.
BAG: White "Sedge Stitch" Clutch Style, Crochet Purse. 1
The side seams were made using the same Stitch-Pattern: Sedge Stitch. This is: *2-Double Crochet Stitches, Chain 1, 1-Single Crochet* all in one stitch. Repeat from *to* in next Chain-1 space. There is a link. I just don't know how to get the information from that site. I will try to "Copy and Paste" the link in the space shown below.
BAG: White "Sedge Stitch" Clutch Style, Crochet Purse. 2
| Well, now this is the only close-up I have! Somehow I managed to Delete! Everything! from the Camera. Yikes! How did I do that! On the big computer I saw everything but took out the blurry ones. But I seem to have deleted others photos also! Oh these gadgets! Well, now I have entered the Knitting Quarantine Competition. (I think.) Best Wishes to All. Tracy

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It is not showing both times. Each looked different to me. Oh well, wink drink
Да.на здоровье!
El hilo puede no ser el mejor, ¡y el bolso de mano resultó ser simplemente maravilloso! ¡Se ve muy impresionante! thumbsup rose
Tracy В ответ на Ирина
Thank you very much! kiss drink
Beautiful clutch, I would have taken to the theater with an evening dress. Interesting pattern, beautiful threads, even in the photo passed the Shine. Bravo, Tracy! bravo
Tracy В ответ на мвюбьыке
Thank you, I'm very glad you liked it. Best Wishes, Tracy
Very good clutch turned out thumbsup
Worrying in vain
Tracy В ответ на Марина
laugh Thank you, Best Wishes, Tracy
It turned out quite nice clutch. And the photos are great, great close-up. I hope that in the very near future there will be an occasion to demonstrate it to others. wink And let everyone envy and admire!
Good luck in the contest!
Tracy В ответ на Светлана
Thank you, You are so kind. I used it at the Pharmacy! My as well dress up everywhere! Best Wishes, Tracy
Thank you, Best Wishes, Tracy
Добрый день! Спасибо за внимание к конкурсу, Ваш номер 58 rose
Tracy В ответ на Редактор
Thank you, Best Wishes, Tracy
сайт вроде бы как русскоязычный…
Tracy В ответ на Татьяна-А
It is English, but the photos. Do they help? It is a very easy Stitch-Pattern.
Заголовок ссылки...
This has a Vidio. Way down.
оригинальный клатч. все будут завидовать белой завистью
Tracy В ответ на Anna 11 11
Thank you, That is nice of you. Best Wishes, Tracy
сразу видно, со вкусом связанная вещь!
Tracy В ответ на Света
Thank you. Your opinion has great value. Best Wishes, Tracy
нежная, красивая работа!
Tracy В ответ на Люба1973
Thank you, Best Wishes, Tracy
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