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Как вяжется такой узор?


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Это тунисское вязание, стиль энтерлак.
Ewa В ответ на Evjen
спасибо за расшифровку! Очень интересно смотрится, хочется повторить
I have a book which teaches this. In English it is called «Entrelac Crochet». It uses the «Tunician Crochet» Technique, but it does not require the use of the special hook. It can be done with a regular Crochet hook if it has a «shaft» area. (Hooks with big handles will not work.) All the squares can be arranged to make a picture. Items made with this technique can be heavy if thick yarn is used. The name of the book is, «A to Z of Crochet». Its ISBN is: 978-1-56477-998-4. Tell the Library.