13:54, Вязаный карантин, Вязальные идеи - 10 сентября


Здравствуйте, дорогие рукодельницы.

Связала из остатков пряжи от салатовой туники себе футболочку. Бобинная пряжа от Лоро Пиано, хлопок 80% + шёлк 20%, 400 м / 100 г. Вязала крючком Кловер 2,5.

Пробрало меня что-то на такую вещичку. Итог, в принципе, меня устроил, даже уже успела обновить. Фото, конечно, далеко не лучшего качества, но уж что есть, лучше вряд ли получится 

Цвет ярко-салатовый, ближе к истинному - нижнее фото. Связано сверху, без швов (!!! что меня несказанно радует - терпеть не могу сшивать связанные детали). Ряды получились все лицевые

Футболка 0
Это фасад
Футболка 1
Футболка 2
А это попыталась сама себя сфоткать. Из нескольких попыток самая удачная, остальные ещё хуже, так что не обессудьте

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Очень красивый по-настоящему летний цвет!
Светлана В ответ на IraTigra
Прелесть футболочка! Я бы и блузочкой назвала, очень симпатично смотрится, оригинально.
Светлана В ответ на Надежда
Ой, какая веселенькая футболочка!!! Прелесть!!! А с белыми брючками — шикарно)))) thumbsup
Светлана В ответ на Lana
Добрый день! Спасибо за внимание к конкурсу, Ваш номер 30 rose
Светлана В ответ на Редактор
очень аккуратненько и красиво.
Светлана В ответ на Лилит
Красивая получилась кофточка!
Светлана В ответ на Любаша
Мне понравились и сама футболка, и как на вас сидит.
Светлана В ответ на Елена v
Inspiring. You finished yours so, I just may finish my Yellow Dress before I turn 80. You sid, (about the last photo), 'The others turned out worse, so do not blame." That photo came out just fine.
At the top, the translator wrote, «The rows turned out to be all facial.» laugh
In English this phrase has nothing to do with Crochet. Can you tell mw what you trying to say about the rows?

Светлана В ответ на Tracy
Thank you for your feedback. I still hope to see the notorious YELLOW DRESS!
As for the front rows-everything is simple: since it was connected from above in circular rows (not turning!), all the rows turned out to be front and even.
I always fail with photos, I look like a photographer, like a pig on a ballerina
Tracy В ответ на Светлана
You do not look like a pig trying to be a ballerina.
At least the translator claims that is what you wrote.
You look quite nice actually.
As for the YELLOW DRESS: The real problem is the Yoke. A lace pattern designed for thread needs many adjustments when one tries to convert it for using yarn. 24 times now I have had to rip out/dissolve at least 1 full row! Esh! Eshoo! But I'm tenacious / stubborn. I will Win!
Светлана В ответ на Tracy
It will definitely work out! As we say: «If you suffer for a long time, something will turn out» you are a good fellow that you do not give up, to dissolve 24 times and knit again is just heroism! As for the yoke-the calculation is simple: from the total number of loops typed, subtract 4 loops (they will go to the Raglan lines), divide the resulting number by 3. 1/3 goes to the back, 1/3 goes to the shelf, 1/3 goes to both sleeves. That's all the wisdom. The translator was wrong about the pig and the ballerina. I mean, I'm a photographer like pig — a ballerina. In General, Tracy, it's time you learn Russian, so as not to depend on stupid translators drink laugh
Tracy В ответ на Светлана
Thank you for the advice. Just so you know, It is one of those cape-type yokes, which simply lay over the shoulders, Like a collar or necklace. Yet I attach it to the straps which hold up the dress.
As for learning Russian — I see a link for English, but… Hum…
I have trouble with Spanish and half my family speak it fluently as we live in an area where one of the JOB REQUIREMENTS is «Needs to know Spanish and English.» Notice that they put Spanish first!? We have so many Spanish speakers here a person Literally cannot get a job unless they are fluently Bi-lingual. wonder smile drink
Светлана В ответ на Tracy
Ah, now I understand the style Of your dress — «Carmen». And that's right, if Spain is near, then what else to knit?! I sympathize with Your grief over your difficult Spanish. I also have a hard time learning languages. But even as a child, when I had to learn the Belarusian language, I read a lot of fairy tales in this language. Helped. You can also ask your family to speak only Spanish to You, at least every other day. We call this «immersion in the language environment». May I ask what state You live in?
Tracy В ответ на Светлана
I live in California, right smack in the middle of Los Angeles. Well, maybe a little to the west, but the bus stop nearby takes me to the beach or to the mountains any day!
Светлана В ответ на Tracy
It can't be! I have a friend who lives in Los Angeles! However, I don't know where exactly, I wasn't interested in details. She lives with her daughter and grandson, who moved from Belarus a few years ago. But we meet with her every year, she comes from there in the summer, and we go to the sanatorium to relax
Tracy В ответ на Светлана
Hi! I did not see this message. But I saw the one about your friends daughter working at a pharmacy. I am glad she has a job. You say she works at a «green» pharmacy? Is it perchance called, Walgreens?
Yes, it is amazing that she lives in the same city I do and I am talking to you. However it is one of the larger cities of the world. I've never net some of my neighbors! Before C-19 they were all at work during the day. Now they stay indoors watching movies during the day. laugh I sit outside and see Mr. Nobody! (But can hear 3 movies at a time! rofl )
Best Wishes, Tracy
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