Tracy 4 дня назад

Just saw this!
Useful Information. Thank you for the Crochet Pattern! drink
How Unexpected! Ahh! I never knew this was an art! Sculpting with Sea Shells! Staggeringly Epic! Beautiful scenes. I could play «Make Believe» all day!
What a Triumph. So fun to see. smile drink
So many Terrific pieces! drink
Each and every one of them is Superb! drink
Stately & Stunning! drink
What an adorable cat with those lovely eyes. The sweater is Sprightly! drink
Enchanting workmanship as well. drink
That yarn is shiny. Does it have Wool in it?
Your creations have great value. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!! Best Wishes! Tracy
Just saw this! Splendid. Thank you for the Crochet Pattern! drink
Just saw this! Spellbinding. Thank you for the Crochet Patterns! drink
Spectacular. Thank you for the Crochet Pattern! drink
May your happy plans come true!
Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!! Best Wishes! Tracy
Spectacular!! Lovely patterns. I don't think that you need the beads. I had to look for them. I thought, «Where did she put the beads?» So… drink
Suave & Cultured. drink
Engaging Sweater / Poncho. Handsome boy. drink
laugh I like how you secured the top of the hat. Instead of bunching it up, it seems you put darts or something. Much better looking. drink
So Appealing! Both the dress and the young lady! Nice touch just one ruffle. drink
Cheery color & it fits her so well! drink
Hum! A Mantle huh? Glorious! Sort of a cross between a Cowl and a Collar! Never thought of doing this. Now that you mention it I do recall seeing these types of garments in history books. Love how it lays on the shoulders. Allows for decorative stitch patterns, yet has a smooth layer. I like it much better than a cowl. They bunch up too much. drink