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THE YELLOW DRESS: Another Small Update

You will all find this a familiar dilemma.

As you all know “This” is why it takes so, so, so, long, to make things.

Now I need to Dissolve that part.

We say. "Rip it out." If one says this fast, several times, [in English] it maks a sound like one would hear when listening to a Frog Croak. "Rip-It, Rip-It, Rip-it." It's a play on word sounds.

(Well, it sounds cute in English.] We are doing “The Frog Stitch” when we “rip out” the stitches.

I am very thankful that it is just a few seams.

So ... off I go to pretend I'm a frog ... Rip-It!

THE YELLOW DRESS: Another Small Update 0
I forgot. - I forgot to check. - I forgot to look. - I forgot things need to “line-up”! Ahhhh...!
THE YELLOW DRESS: Another Small Update 1
Thought you might not be able to see.
THE YELLOW DRESS: Another Small Update 2
So I am showing it closer. This also give you a peek at the dress design. Can you guess what "type" of dress it is? Tee! Hee!

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Это что было???
Tracy В ответ на Anitnelav
I is The «scrunched up» YELLOW DRESS. I was trying to be funny and show my mistake. It says (under one of the photos) something about forgetfulness. My columns / stripes are out of alignment. See it now? Maybe not. wink
Anitnelav В ответ на Tracy
Nali peab olema nutikas
Tracy В ответ на Anitnelav
Aw. The translator did not do its job. It did nothing. I have no idea what you wrote. unknown sad sorry
Anitnelav В ответ на Tracy
See sait on venekeelne ja palun kirjutage vene keeles
Tracy В ответ на Anitnelav
Well… The translator did nothing this time either. unknown
Are you writing in Russian? The translator is set up to do Russian.
I hope you are having a happy day! rose
Anitnelav В ответ на Tracy
Siis ära ole tark
Ha-ha-ha, it's very cute post! crazy I like little frogs
Tracy В ответ на SVETLANA
smile I like little frogs too. I have a little collection of photos of frogs I found on the
internet and some in a folder I found in catalogs. I also like Winnie the Pooh! kissed
I think, this is a sundress
Tracy В ответ на Аня
Close! I will use it on days that are not too hot. (I get hot easily. But then again it never gets seriously cold here in California.) glass
The sun fills our life with warmness, ang gues what? The sun i allways yellow rose
Tracy В ответ на Alla
What you need to «pull out»? )))
Our frogs croak differently.
Tracy В ответ на Мария
I need to pull out a seam is all. Not too much I guess. It just makes things take that much longer.
I think our frogs croak differently than that too. But that's the sound people use here. Works! So… you know… «What ever works!» rofl
It does not matter yahoo , what kind of dress it is, the main thing is that it is yellow! I love this color!
Tracy В ответ на Марина
Thank you for the post! I like people with humor bravo
Tracy В ответ на Галина
beautifully, Practically
Tracy В ответ на Лана
I am happy to read your post! it's awesome to have some people with good sense of humor! yahoo
Tracy В ответ на lyuda
thank you! The frog example is very funny rofl
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